Mary Kramskoy has been teaching music for over 30 years and she is more than a piano and voice instructor – she is an incredible piano performer as well. 
When she was just 4, Mary's father (a medical doctor and a passionate violinist) discovered she had the rare gift of perfect pitch, and bought her a piano. At the age of 6 she enrolled at a music school and studied music for eight years. After graduation, she got accepted at one of the famous Russian Music Conservatories where she furthered her education by studying with some of the best piano instructors.
Mary holds a Master's Degree in Piano Performance, Music Theory, and Pedagogy. For many years, Mary has taught Piano, Voice, and Music Theory, as well as accompanied several acclaimed opera singers. Since 1998, Mary has been teaching music at various music schools throughout the Bay Area and at her private music studio in San Jose, California. In 2002, Mary joined the Music Teachers Association of California and has been an active member since.
Many of Mary’s students have won competitions, received awards, and got accepted to prestigious music institutions. Beside giving her students Piano and Voice lessons, Mary teaches them a deep appreciation of music and helps each one to tap further into their talents. 
Contact Mary to get your free first lesson. (408) 691-0166. 
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